PartyTeam Belgium is a valued partner to capture your event in pictures (photo or video).

Our main event types are Club Parties or Festivals, but we can also provide services for business or private events, family photoshoots, etc.

We do not have official partnerships, but as you can see in our portfolio, we regularly provide services at national and international locations.


All photos are hosted on Facebook or third party websites. In terms of privacy policies, you should agree to their respective policies. As far as consent or agreement for use of photos where you can be recognised are concerned, you explicitly agree to the use of your photo by requesting it to be taken, or by attending the events, for which the organisers explicitly inform you that pictures or videos may be taken. Should you still prefer to have a picture removed, please inform us by sending us a message with a reference to the photo and the reason why you want it removed.

Questions or bookings? Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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